Fusion and industry

Remote handling at JET
Research into fusion power presents UK industry with many business opportunities. In addition to winning contracts for products and services, simply meeting the technical and quality demands of fusion projects can create long-term competitive advantages for your company.

ITER opportunities

With investment in fusion research increasing for construction of the multi-billion-Euro ITER project, there has never been a better time for engineering and technology companies to compete for fusion business. UK firms are already winning ITER contracts and many more opportunities are expected in areas from civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, design consultancy and project management, through to instrumentation, advanced materials, magnets, vacuum systems, nuclear technologies and precision engineering. Culham's Fusion and Industry team, led by Martin Townsend, is assisting British industry in bidding for supply contracts – either individually or as part of pan-European consortia. Find out how your company can stay in touch with opportunities by visiting our Fusion and Industry website.

Technology transfer

The Fusion and Industry team also enables companies to utilise the problem-solving skills and advanced engineering techniques used in UK fusion research, through Culham Centre for Fusion Energy's technology transfer programme. Companies have used spin-off technologies from fusion in areas as diverse as space research, advanced braking systems and semi-conductor manufacture. Culham's on-site Innovation Centre offers start-up companies affordable business accommodation and access to expertise from fusion scientists through a Technical Support Package.

Find out how your company could benefit at the Fusion and Industry website:

CCFE technology services

In addition, CCFE uses its experience from the fusion programme to offer a range of scientific and engineering services. Details of these can be found in the technology services section.