Special Techniques Group

Thin film operations

Special Techniques has a range of thin film coating equipment, which is currently used for a wide range of metallic coatings.

Thin film coatingWe have commissioned a PVD-75 electron beam evaporator, supplied by Kurt J Lesker Co., to complement the existing range of coating plant within the facility.

Incorporating a 5.5kW electron gun, it is able to evaporate a wide range of materials including some refractory metals.

Thin film coatingWe are also able to undertake thermal evaporation and sputter coating. Some coatings are designed with high-adhesion values in mind, and may be deposited as multi-layer compositions.

To ensure process repeatability, we are able to monitor our coatings stringently, and use a Dektak and integral crystal thickness monitors. With such systems we can measure layers in the range of hundreds of Angstroms.