Culham Energy Seminar

The Culham Energy Seminar is a series of monthly talks by experts in energy, with the objective of providing staff with a broader view of the energy challenges that we face – both technological and socio-economic. The seminars will range between general talks, of wider interest, to more focussed topics. The series is open to everyone on site and is held every second Thursday of the month at 2 - 3 pm in the John Adams Lecture Theatre.

Organiser: Chris Harrington

Secretary: Ira Dekker

Upcoming talks

30/05/2019 – Louis Plowden-Wardlaw, Cyril Rodenburg (Terrestrial Energy Inc.)
Title: Terrestrial Energy's Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR)

Previous talks

06/12/2018 – Paul Dodds (UCL Energy Institute)
Modelling the transition to an affordable, low-carbon economy

11/10/2018 – Sarah Darby (Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford)
Title: Energy demand in cool climate - some theory and pracitce

12/04/2018 – Malcolm Keay (Oxford Institute for Energy Studies)
Title: The energy revolution, uncertainty, and Brexit

08/02/2018 – Laurence Williams (Imperial College)
Title: The UK's nuclear energy journey- how did we end up here?!

11/01/2018Mark Roulston (Research Director, Winton Capital)
Title: The Winton Climate Prediction Market

14/12/2017 – Peter Edwards (Inorganic Chemistry, University of Oxford)
Title: The continuing role of hydrocarbon fuels and materials in any transition to a sustainable energy future

09/11/2017 – Reuben Holmes (Public Engagement R&D Team, NNL)
Title: Engaging the public on nuclear issues: A UK perspective

12/10/2017 - Richard Clarke ( Director Predict Ability Ltd)
Title: Insurance companies should collect a carbon levy

08/12/2016 - Phil Grünewald (Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford)
Title: Storage and Demand Response - two very different forms of flexibility

13/10/2016 - Neill Taylor (EUROfusion project leader Safety and Environment)
Title: The Evolution of Nuclear Safety for Fission and Fusion

08/09/2016 - Richard Varvill (Reaction Engines)
Title: Sabre/Skylon – reusable space transport for the 21st century

09/06/2016 - Francesco Romanelli (University of Rome)
Title: Impact of renewable energy sources on electricity production

12/05/2016 - Richard Kembleton (CCFE, UKAEA)
Title: Reservoir Evaluation Wireline: a personal view of the oil industry

14/04/2016 - John Rhys (Oxford Institute for Energy Study)
Title: Generating a low carbon future for the power sector

10/03/2016 - Helena Cabal (CIEMAT)
Title: Energy Scenario Modelling

11/02/2016 - Mike Middleton (Energy Technologies Institute)
Title: Analysis Of The Energy System Requirements In A Low Carbon Economy

14/01/2016 - David Howey (Department of Engineering Science, Univ. of Oxford)
Title: The Next Generation of Battery Management Systems

12/11/2015 - Roger Cashmore (UKAEA)
Title: Sustainable Energy for the 21st Century and the Role of Electricity from Nuclear Sources

08/10/2015 - Anupama Sen (Oxford Institute for Energy Studies)
Title: India in the Global Energy Debate

11/06/2015 - AbuBakr S. Bahaj (University of Southampton)
Title: Status of Marine Energy Technologies - Commercialisation Readiness

14/05/2015 - David Ward (CCFE)
Title: Hazards of Energy

09/04/2015 - Tony Roulstone (Bracchium)
Title: Nuclear Economics of Volume plays the Economics of Scale

12/03/2015 - Richard Nourse (Greencoat Captial)
Title: Investing in a decarbonising economy

12/02/2015 - Christopher Jones (University of Sheffield)
Title: Reconciling nuclear risk: Understanding the impacts of climate change, energy insecurity and nuclear disaster on comparative preferences for nuclear power in UK power generation.

15/01/2015 - Nick Eyre (Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford)
Title: Residential heating in the UK: Future Uncertainties and Issues

11/12/2014 – Malcolm McCulloch (Energy and Power Group, University of Oxford)
Title: Are 50 Hz sine waves always the best?

13/11/2014 – Katja Yafimava (Oxford Institute for Energy Studies)
Title: The Ukraine gas crisis and its impact on Europe

09/10/2014 – Bill David (ISIS Facility, RAL; Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, University of Oxford)
Title: Ammonia – a viable long-term alternative to fossil fuels

11/09/2014 – Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith (Director of Energy Research, Oxford University, President SESAME Council)
Title: Can Future Energy Needs be Met Sustainably?