Technology services

Plasma diagnostic design and integration

PDDI1CCFE has a proven history of innovative design following several decades of research at the forefront of plasma diagnostic innovation and development. We can deliver well engineered, integrated diagnostic solutions for plasma physics applications.


  • Deep understanding of the underlying physics requirements
  • Wide network of global contacts in the fusion and plasma physics community and in industry
  • Powerful design and engineering analysis infrastructure with in-house manufacturing and testing capability
  • Well engineered and integrated plasma diagnostic solutions
  • Experience of UHV and tritium compatible applications and operation of systems in magnetic fields or high energy neutron and gamma background
  • Data acquisition and control systems
  • Real time application of data for monitoring and control
  • VUV and X-ray spectroscopy
  • PDDI2IR and visible imaging
  • Visible spectroscopy and atomic modelling
  • Laser-based systems
  • UHV and tritium compatible diagnostic vacuum window manufacturing capability for visible, IR and near UV applications


  • Real time plasma control
  • IR and visible imaging
  • Neutron activation
  • Tailored data acquisition solutions
  • Engineering design and analysis


Case study

Lower hybrid antenna viewing system and protection (PDF – 1.2MB)