June 07 - 09, 2004
Czech Republic



Workshop on Activation Data - EAF 2005

A workshop on neutron activation was held at the Karolinum ( Charles University ), Prague , Czech Republic on 7 – 9 June 2004. The host was the Nuclear Physics Institute, Rez under backing of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague and the local organizer was Dr. Pavel Bém. The objective of the workshop was to discuss in detail the experimental measurements and evaluations that contribute to the EAF data libraries. The workshop was well attended with eleven authors from eight countries giving a total of fifteen presentations.

The details of the presentations are:

  • Forrest, Welcome and technical introduction to the EAF project.
  • Štursa, Operation characteristics of the NPI cyclotron for neutron production: present state and future improvements.
  • Šimečková, Activation of CuCrZr alloy in the NPI d-Be neutron field.
  • Simakov, Post-analysis of the NPI irradiation experiment on Eurofer up to 35 MeV using IEAF-2001 activation cross-sections
  • Filatenkov, Measurement of some insufficiently known cross sections.
  • Eichin, Validation experiment of gamma activities of yttrium and lead irradiated in fusion peak neutron field.
  • Filatenkov, The KRI data collection system, present and future.
  • Avrigeanu, Progress report on theoretical tools and calculations of cross sections relevant to the EAF file.
  • Kopecky, Transformation and improvements of EAF-2003 (0-20 MeV) for EAF-2005 (0-60MeV).
  • Forrest, Validation of EAF data libraries.
  • Cheng, Review of helium generation cross sections in the energy range of interest to IFMIF.
  • Sublet, JEFF-3.0/A Activation file: integral validation and new features.
  • Kopecky, TALYS-5 code system. Forrest, Progress towards EASY-2005.
  • Sublet, Activation data needs in support of fuel cycle programs.

The presentations are available as PowerPoint files on this CD-ROM, and are to be recommended as a summary of the experimental and theoretical work involved in the production of the European Activation File (EAF), that is used as the data source for activation calculation both in Europe and world-wide. A major topic during the workshop was the need to extend the energy range of the data from 20 MeV in EAF-2003 to 60 MeV. The higher energy is necessary for activation calculations of neutron test facilities such as IFMIF.

My thanks to the generosity of the Rez Institute for hosting this workshop and providing discussion facilities in such a distinguished environment. This is the third workshop on activation data, the previous ones held at Cadarache in November 2000 and Rez in June 2002. I hope very much that the series will continue with a further workshop in about two year’s time.

RA Forrest,

UKAEA Fusion, Culham.