EAF 2007
October 02 - 04, 2006
Czech Republic


Workshop on Activation Data - EAF 2007 - Foreword

A workshop on activation of materials by neutrons and charged particles was held at the Congress Centre, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University,   Prague, Czech Republic on 2 – 4 October 2006. The host was the Nuclear Physics Institute, Rez under backing of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague and the local organizer was Dr. Pavel Bém. The objective of the workshop was to discuss in detail the experimental measurements and evaluations that contribute to the EAF data libraries. The workshop was well attended with sixteen authors from nine countries giving a total of twenty presentations.

  • Forrest, Technical introduction
  • Simakov, Determination of the white neutron spectra up to 60 MeV by dosimetry detectors
  • Honusek, The activation of Ta by quasi-monoenergetic neutrons below 40 MeV
  • Simakov, Simulation of quasi-monoenergetic Li(p,n) neutron source up to 50 MeV proton energy
  • Seidel, Validation experiments at TU Dresden
  • Plompen, Geel activation measurements
  • Šimečková, The activation of Cu and Al by deuterons at energies up to 20 MeV
  • Forrest, Development work for EAF-2007
  • Cheng, Fission Fusion hybrids
  • Sublet, FNS JAEA Decay Heat Experiment Revisited with EAF-2005.1
  • Henriksson, The EFF Project Status and the NEA Nuclear Data Services
  • V. Avrigeanu, Progress of fast-neutron activation analysis on medium-mass nuclei
  • Běták, Radiative nucleon capture cross section calculations in MeV region
  • Dupont, Photonuclear Activation File (PAF): status and perspectives
  • P. Bem, Activation cross section benchmarks at NPI cyclotron
  • Sublet, The processing of large, multi-channels activation files
  • Kopecký, Preliminary EAF-2007: validation and new physics
  • Koning, Massive activation cross section calculations
  • M. Avrigeanu, Progress of deuteron activation analysis on medium-mass nuclei
  • Forrest, Charged particle-induced reactions in EASY-2007

The presentations are available as PowerPoint files on this CD-ROM, and are to be recommended as a summary of the experimental and theoretical work involved in the production of the European Activation File (EAF), that is used as the data source for activation calculation both in Europe and world-wide. A major topic during the workshop was the extension to include activation by charged particles and photons. The energy range of the data is from 1 10-5 eV to 60 MeV. The range of incoming particles and the higher energy are necessary for activation calculations of neutron test facilities such as IFMIF. My thanks go to the generosity of the Rez Institute for hosting this workshop and providing discussion facilities in such a distinguished environment. This is the fourth workshop on activation data, the previous ones held at Cadarache in November 2000 and Prague in June 2002 and June 2004. I hope very much that the series will continue with a further workshop in about two year’s time.

RA Forrest
UKAEA Fusion, Culham.