March 25 - 27, 2009
Czech Republic

Table of content


Introduction to the 5th Workshop on activation data.


Activation experiments - past, present and future


Activation (irradiation) experiments at NPI cyclotron: how to advance


Simulation of the 7Li(p,n) quasi-monoenergetic neutron source at NPI/Rez.


The activation of Co-59 by quasi-monoenergetic neutrons below 36 MeV


Activation cross-sections measurement of Au-197 using quasi-monoenergetic neutrons below 36 MeV


Important reactions and nuclides - implications for EAF-2009


Evaluation methodology for the generation of covariances for activation cross-sections at intermediate energies


Activation of a certain model code for uncertainty activation data


Uncertainty file in EAF libraries


Decay power: A comprehensive Experimental Validation


Consistent nuclear-model parameters, accurate model assumptions, and uncertainties of calculated alpha-particle activation at low energies


Proton and Deuteron induced Activation of the IFMIF Prototype Accelerator and Beam Dump Components


Analysis of deuteron-induced activation cross sections of 63,65Cu isotopes at low and medium energies


New SAFEPAQ II features