June 1 - 3, 2011
Czech Republic

In any successful activity, there are a few who claim great glory (sometimes even deserved). However, there is always a person who goes through the details that make the activity successful. That person convinces himself and then others how important the details are and ensures that the details and schedule are right. For the world-wide effort on activation cross sections, that person was Yuri Kopecky.

Yet as Yuri pointed out the inevitable little problems and showed the solutions, he was kind and generous, bringing out those qualities in the rest of us. It was a true joy (and something I always looked forward to) planning to spend time with Yuri, Harm, Robin, and Christophe.

I have now retired and am thoroughly enjoying it (seeing Antarctica from a cruise ship; next year, the Baltic and North Seas) is indeed pleasurable. I am sure that Yuri will find this new phase of his life enjoyable.

Fred Mann