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Career profile - Engineer

“Working at CCFE provides me with an opportunity to grow on a daily basis. Each day is different and challenging.”


BEng, Mechanical Engineering, Brunel University, 1:1

What was your career path and how did you come to work at CCFE?

My engineering career to date has been varied and full of exciting challenges.The path has taken me through a multitude of different industries – automotive (Ricardo, Perkinsand Cosworth), aerospace (Britax and QinetiQ), science and technology (QinetiQ) and now fusion energy research at CCFE.

My decision to move to CCFE was driven by a desire to use engineering to help humanity resolve key issues through technological advancement.

What is your current role?

Currently, I am involved with leading the design and engineering of a number of components that will feature on ITER. My role requires me to apply a wide range of engineering skills, as well as employing the softer customer-facing skills on a regular basis. In addition to this I am also involved in DEMO (demonstration fusion powerplant) technology research projects.

Why do you enjoy working in fusion research?

Nuclear fusion is still at the research stage, and as such has many unanswered questions to be resolved. It is an industry that must break technological boundaries in order to deliver its potential of clean and sustainable energy. To be involved in this scientifically advanced area of research has made becoming an engineer an enjoyable career choice.

Describe your experience of working at CCFE.

Working at CCFE provides me with an opportunity to grow on a daily basis. Each day is different and challenging, and hence an enjoyable experience. Additionally, the people I work with are exceptionally enthusiastic, talented and welcoming, which makes for a great working environment.

What do you like about working at CCFE?

In addition to offering a mentally stimulating job, CCFE also offers weekly Culham Colloquia talks, the opportunity to occasionally travel and flexible working hours when required.

How does CCFE encourage career development?

CCFE have supported my career progression by providing a mentoring programme which backed my chartered engineering application. Also, CCFE empowers its employees to identify relevant training courses and if agreed, provide the required funding for the course. I have also been encouraged to identify my own career path, and my line manager has been very supportive in the direction I have chosen to take.