Technology services

Engineering integration

EIAs the operator of the JET and MAST tokamaks, CCFE provides a cradle to grave support capability. We have the full spectrum of technical skills necessary to ensure both devices provide continual ground-breaking scientific results in researching nuclear fusion as a viable source of energy for future generations. A key capability is engineering integration, which we also apply to studies for ITER and fusion power plants.


  • Distinguished 50 year history in fusion research with excellence in the supporting engineering activities
  • Significant experience in all lifecycle phases of a fusion machine, from concept design through operation and decommissioning planning
  • Full capability and comprehensive capacity in all engineering disciplines with unique specialists in tokamak systems and supporting infrastructure (e.g. 300 engineers, 115 engineering technicians on site, maintenance staff, workshops, design offices, operational support teams)
  • Access to the world-leading team of 150 physicists at CCFE, with international collaborations to utilise their expertise in providing essential input to fusion machine design
  • Advanced modelling competence including system, plasma, materials, neutron, electro-magnetic, thermo-hydraulic and structural integrity to substantiate designs aid the management of plant including assessment of existing components, definition of operating limits and evaluation of remnant life
  • 50 research ANSYS licenses with multi-physics capabilities
  • 65 CATIA licences for the management of virtual model(s) of the tokamak facilities with responsibility for integration of all the systems, co-ordination of engineering disciplines to ensure the overall design is progressed in a coherent manner. Full configuration management using a Smarteam (product data management) capability


  • Tokamak system and component design
  • Systems engineering
  • Project management
  • Operation programme management

Related services

  • Configuration management
  • Safety case
  • Physics modelling
  • Concept development
  • Prototyping
  • Advanced engineering analysis


Case study

JET neutral beam power upgrade (PDF – 820KB)