Materials Research Facility

FIB Scanning Electron Microscope

Helios NanoLab 600i


  • Elstar in-lens SE detector (TLD-SE) and BSE detector (TLD-BSE)
  • Everhart-Thornley SE detector (ETD)
  • IR camera for viewing sample/column
  • Door-mounted Nav Cam
  • High performance SE and SI (secondary ion) detector (ICE)
  • Beam current measurement

Sample size

  • Maximum size: 150mm diameter with full rotation
  • Maximum clearance between stage and coincidence point: 55mm
  • Weight: max. 500g (including the sample holder)
  • QuickLoader™: loadlock for fast sample transfer


  • AutoFIB™ package for macro and script based DualBeam automation
  • AutoTEM™ wizard – automated sample preparation with section wizard
  • AutoSlice and View™ – automated sequential mill and view to collect series of slice images for 3D reconstruction


FIBElstarTM XHR SEM column 20V-30kV, 1.4nm@1kV , 22nA
- Beam deceleration (BD)
- Constant power lenses
- Double shielding
- Electrostatic scanning

TomahawkTM FIB 2.5nm@30kV, 1pA -65nA, 500V-30kV
- Time-of-flight correction
- Fully automated
- 15 position aperture strip

Gas Injection System
- Platinum deposition
- Tungsten deposition
- Carbon deposition

Easy Lift Nano-manipulator
- Drift: <50nm/min
- Smallest step size: 50nm
- True ‘z' movement
- Vibration: <15nm

Omnidirectional repeatability: <+/-150nm
Manual rotation