FISPACT-II visualisations

Videos in mp4 format created using GNUPLOT-5 by Michael Fleming and Mark Gilbert.

Best viewed by opening the downloaded files in either QuickTime or VLC.

Fission observables


59 incident energies nFY

Am241   Np237   Pu238   Pu239   Pu240   Pu241   Pu242   Th232   U232   U233   U235   U238

JEFF-3.1.1            ENDF/B-VII.1         JENDL-4.0

Thermal_nFY&unc      Thermal_nFY&unc       Thermal_nFY&unc

Simulation of SiC in HFR, Petten:

Transmutation, decay-heat

Fusion simulations

Decay heat validation movies:

SS316, Nickel, Niobium, Silver

Eurofer steel irradiation & cooling:

Transmutation, decay-heat

Spallation yields 30-200 MeV

Neutron irradiation: Al27, Fe56, W186, U235

Proton irradiation: Al27, Fe56, W186, U235

Deuteron irradiation: Al27, Fe56, W186, U235

Alpha irradiation: Al27, Fe56, W186, U235

Gamma irradiation: Al27, Fe56, W186, U235