MAST Upgrade

Videos of MAST Upgrade

MAST Upgrade Video Diary #3, September 2015 to December 2015

This video shows progress on MAST Upgrade in 2015 – building the Control Room, preparing the machine area, developing electronic control systems, power supplies and plasma heating systems, building and fitting the tokamak's magnetic coils and manufacturing the central column.

MAST Upgrade Video Diary #2, January to September 2014

The second project video diary shows the wide range of tasks involved in rebuilding a fusion device: machining new ports on the vacuum vessel; installing power supplies; strengthening the bioshield; building the magnetic coils; and much more besides.


MAST Upgrade Video Diary #1, October to December 2013

A record of the first phase of the project, from machine disassembly to the removal of the vacuum vessel into the upgrade area.


Introduction to MAST Upgrade

An overview of the aims of the MAST Upgrade project and the research possibilities it will give fusion scientists in the UK and around Europe.


Animation of Super-X divertor

MAST Upgrade will be the first fusion device to test the 'Super-X' divertor concept – a system for exhausting hot plasma from the tokamak that could be used in the power reactors of the future. This animation shows the path of a particle leaving the plasma in the Super-X configuration compared with a standard divertor; the longer exhaust path cools the particles and spreads them over a larger area so the impact on the wall of the machine is reduced.