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Neutral beam systems

NBNeutral beam systems are highly effective auxiliary heating systems employed on many of the world's current and future magnetic fusion devices. By injecting energetic particles into the plasma (typically hydrogen or deuterium), they provide plasma heating, current drive and can also be used as a useful plasma diagnostic. Many large devices are highly reliant on these systems to achieve fusion-relevant conditions.


Neutral beam systems have been developed at Culham for over 30 years. The Culham group successfully developed the JET PINI in the 1980s, which became the standard for Positive Ion Injectors and is still operational today on the JET system. CCFE currently has over thirty professional engineers and physicists devoted to neutral beam work. Many of the current staff played a major role in the development and enhancement of the JET and MAST injectors to their present level of 34 and 4 MW respectively.

NBMore recently, many of the NB team have been involved in EFDA and F4E contracts on the development and design of next generation neutral beam systems for ITER, DEMO and
beyond, with well over 100 man years of effort committed so far.


  • Plasma source development
  • High heat flux device design and testing
  • Beam physics modelling


Case study

ITER neutral beam development support (PDF – 1.1MB)