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Neutronics and nuclear data

NNDCCFE’s Neutronics and Nuclear Data Group have extensive experience in radiation transport and activation tools, nuclear data libraries and simulation of complex problems. We produce comprehensive nuclear and shielding analyses supporting the design, optimisation, engineering and safety case of a broad range of systems and facilities.


The group participates in a range of software production and computer simulation activities supporting a variety of nuclear analyses for fusion devices, radiation detectors and fission reactors. The group has a worldwide reputation as radiation transport and activation experts adding value to design, concept and safety studies.

The group’s capabilities include:

  • Development and validation of activation codes (FISPACT, EASY), data libraries (EAF) and evaluation tools (SAFEPAQ)
  • Development and validation of a high-resolution decay gamma dose mapping tool (MC-R2S)
  • Validation of radiation transport codes for fusion (MCNP, Attila, FLUKA)
  • Cost-effective, high-quality results and expert assessments for large, complex, multi-disciplinary and schedule-driven projects
  • Highly detailed CAD-based simulations with enhanced prediction capability, QA and high-resolution visualisation ideal for optimisation
  • Sophisticated acceleration algorithms
  • Extensive experience in state-of-the-art transport and activation codes and libraries
  • Cross-platform programming and heavy-duty processing in large computer clusters

We provide first-class R&D, nuclear analysis and consultancy services based on extensive knowledge of industry practices, standards, regulations and tools.

We compute, analyse and comprehensively report parameters such as neutron and photon flux and dose, damage, heat deposition, gas and tritium production, activation and radwaste inventories and decay gamma dose.


Recent applications include delivery of contracts and grant-based studies on:

  • Radiation detection system design and characterisation modelling
  • Accelerator-based nuclear facility characterisation modelling
  • Nuclear, shielding and radwaste analyses supporting the design and safety case of ITER and other fusion experiments
  • Nuclear and radwaste assessment of conceptual fusion reactor devices
  • Fission reactor criticality calculations


Case study

Neutronic analysis of heating (ICRH) antenna (PDF – 900KB)