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Power plant conceptFusion Power Plant Systems Codes

We explore the conceptual design and feasibility of a possible fusion power plant.

Systems codes

When studying a hypothetical fusion power plant, questions of the following type arise:

  • Are the machine's physics and engineering parameters consistent with one another?
  • Which machine of a given size and shape produces the cheapest electricity?
  • What is the effect of a more optimistic limit on the maximum plasma density on the amount of auxiliary power required?

Questions such as these are difficult to answer, since the large number of parameters involved are highly dependent on one another. Computer programs to address these issues are known as systems codes. CCFE has developed a systems code called “PROCESS”. The scope of PROCESS is very wide and goes well beyond reactor physics, including the heat transfer and energy conversion system, buildings etc.

PROCESS finds a set of parameters that optimise a Figure of Merit chosen by the user (such as cost of electricity or ratio of fusion power to input power), while being consistent with the inputs and the specified constraints.

Collaborators at several institutions use PROCESS, and contribute new or improved algorithms for it. At present all users run a single version of the code on CCFE computers.

PROCESS documentation

“PROCESS”: a systems code for fusion power plants – Part 1: Physics

“PROCESS”: a systems code for fusion power plants – Part 2:Engineering

User guide to the PROCESS systems code

PROCESS results

DEMO1 – pulsed power plant with conservative technology

DEMO2 – steady-state power plant

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