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Radio frequency heating systems

RFCCFE has a long history in designing and building radio frequency (RF) heating systems on the JET and MAST tokamaks and has had a key design role for the ITER ion cyclotron resonance heating system for a number of years. Our complementary skills in operation and maintenance of such devices, and significant mechanical design experience on neutral beam systems mean we have amassed a wealth of applicable knowledge to such design tasks.


  • Strong systems engineering approach to the development of design concepts through to manufacture
  • Extensive knowledge of materials selection, processing and joining in a fusion environment
  • Abiltiy to perform small scale trials in-house to verify novel design concepts and joining techniques
  • Good links with local companies and institutions for collaboration in development of specialist material applications and measurement / inspection techniques
  • Finite element modelling of thermal and structural load cases within which the antenna is expected to operate
  • Modelling of RF structures and plasma edge behaviour in various operational phases to determine optimum mechanical and RF design
  • Structural modelling of electromagnetic forces generated within the antenna during various disruption scenarios
  • Extensive CATIA design facilities and expertise to bring together design solutions in a co-ordinated manner


  • Design of ion cyclotron heating systems
  • Design of ceramic load bearing nuclear windows
  • Design of first wall structures

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Case study

ITER ion cyclotron heating systems design (PDF – 1.4MB)