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Remote handling

RHCCFE’s Remote Handling Unit is recognised within the global fusion community as lead specialists in the successful, on time delivery of practical solutions as a result of our considerable experience in the operation of a highly sophisticated fully remote maintenance system in a challenging operational environment. The team has over 15 years of experience in fusion remote handling design and operations.


The Remote Handling Unit first undertook fully remote maintenance at JET in 1997, and since that time has managed six major interventions accruing 20,000 hours of operational experience.

This experience spans all aspects including, definitions of requirements, conceptualisation, design, procurement, development, testing, implementation and operation of fully remote systems.

RHThis experience has been utilised in the assessment and design of remote solutions for other facilities such as ITER, JT60SA and DEMO.

"Man In The Loop" remote handling systems give flexibility, dexterity and efficiency in operations by enabling real time force feedback and visual assessment. This is one of CCFE’s specialities and we have developed systems which create virtual environments using three dimensional environments with a dexterous, force-reflecting master-slave servo-manipulator, real time interactive virtual reality and high definition camera systems.


  • Design and supply of integrated remote handling equipment and tools
  • Remote handling compatibility and ALARP assessments
  • Advanced operational sequence development
  • Virtual and real procedure validation
  • Remote handling test and training facilities


Case studies

ITER-like wall sliced beryllium tiles (PDF – 2.3MB)

Octant 1 boom extension (PDF – 900KB)

More information

See CCFE's remote handling website for more details of capabilities and services.