Materials Research Facility

Scanning Electron Microscope

Mira3 XMH

Chemical Analysis - Oxford Instruments X-Max 80 EDS detector

  • AZtecEnergy Software
  • X-MaxN provides a superb resolution that is independent of sensor size - specifications
  • guaranteed to ISO15632:2012
  • Excellent low energy analysis, including Be detection
  • The fastest simultaneous EBSD and EDS acquisition

Microstructural Analysis - Oxford Instruments NordlysNano EBSD Detector

  • Discrimination of materials with very similar crystallographic lattice parameters
  • The highest resolution uses the full 1344 x 1024 CCD array to digitise EBSPs
  • Designed for data collection using low probe currents requiring only 0.5nA to operate


SEMSchottky Field Emission Gun
Resolution 1.2nm at 30kV
Beam deceleration
Retractable Back Scattered electron detector
In-lens SE and BSE detectors
IR camera for viewing sample/column
Sample exchange load lock