Safety, health & environment policy

Good health, safety and environmental management is vital to the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. Safety, health, and environmental protection are compatible with delivery to time and cost. Whilst the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority is justifiably proud of the high standards of safety, health, and environmental protection it achieves, it recognises that it can still learn and improve. Through the vigorous commitment of everyone to continuous improvement, our goal is no harm to people, property or the environment.


We will:

  • regard compliance with applicable legal requirements and other obligations as a minimum standard, adopting practices across all our activities which comply effectively with the law and seeking opportunities to do even better;
  • require that all those who work for us, employees and contractors, work to the highest standards of safety and environmental protection;
  • provide healthy and safe workplaces with safe equipment and safe procedures of work;
  • create the culture where we praise safe and environmentally responsible work and constructively challenge unsafe or environmentally damaging work wherever they occur;
  • control radioactive, nuclear and other hazards to eliminate, where reasonably practicable, or control the risk to people and the environment;
  • only ask employees to undertake work which they are trained and resourced to do and ensure that adequate resources are available to fulfil safety, health and environmental responsibilities;
  • set safety, health, and environmental objectives and targets to assess and improve performance and report that performance openly;
  • monitor systems to ensure that all aspects of the system are appropriate, challenging and complied with; and
  • learn from our own and others' good practice and mistakes, avoid the use of jargon and discuss safety, health, and environment issues regularly at all levels, including the highest, and encourage the development of new ideas to promote safety, health and environment protection.

We will consult and listen to stakeholders including safety representatives and employees generally and external stakeholders (including customers, suppliers, neighbours and regulators) on arrangements for safety, health and environmental protection.

Responsibilities and implementation arrangements

The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Board determines the overall policy and the Chief Executive is the member of the Board responsible for delivering safety, health and environmental performance. The Chief Executive delegates responsibility for these matters to Heads of Division.

On behalf of the Chief Executive the Head of Assurance sets the arrangements for implementing this policy within the Authority, including having in place a compliant system of processes and standards for safety, health, and the environment. Safety, health, and environmental performance is reported to the Board periodically.

This policy is implemented through the arrangements defined in the Authority Management Systems Manual and associated procedures and provides a framework for setting and reviewing the safety, health, and environmental objectives and targets. The policy will be periodically reviewed as part of the management review process and, where necessary, proposals made to the Board for its improvement.

We delegate to managers appropriate levels of authority and the necessary resources to comply with our standards on safety, health and environmental protection.

Each individual employee within the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority is responsible for upholding this policy in their area of work and for taking action, through the normal line management chain, to maintain standards.

Steve Cowley
Chief Executive

April 2012